ESPs sending limits

This information is being provided for educational purposes.

If you plan to send a significant number of emails each day, it might be advisable to consider upgrading your ESP.

Sending email blasts from a free Gmail or Outlook account is not recommended as scammers often use these services, and it could result in your emails being flagged.

It is crucial to recognize that several ESPs consider the “number of emails sent” as the same as the “number of recipients.” Therefore, attempting to bypass the limits by BCC-Ing all your recipients in a single message is unlikely to be effective.

Below is a quick list of some of the most commonly used ESPs and their respective sending limits.

‚ÄčEmail Service ProviderSending Limit (Per Day)
Amazon SES50,000 (on approved account )
Blue Host150 (per hour)
Dream Host100 (per hour)
Gmail (Free)500
Gmail (Google Workspace)2,000
Microsoft 365/Office 36510,000
Outlook (Free)300
Proton Mail (Free)150
Proton Mail (Plus)1,000
Proton Mail (Professional/Visionary)unlimited
SendGrid (Essentials)Up to 100,000 per month
SendGrid (Free)100
SendGrid (Pro)Up to 1.5 million per month
Sendpost (Growth)600,000 per month
Sendpost (Scale)3 million per month
Sendpost (Starter)10,000 per month
Zoho (Custom)2,500
Zoho (Free)50
Zoho (Paid)300