Deliverability Optimized

It’s time for smarter tools and more transparent data so your messages reach their destination. Plus, more insight into subscriber activity will help teams fine-tune messages, make connections, and grow business.

Relay Analytics

Powerful statistics that help you stay on top of your email campaign. It provides insights as to which relay performing the best.

Real Time Metrics

Create custom rules to adjust relay in real time based on real time performance .You can adjust speed, domain, sender , headers ect ...

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Performance Boosted

It’s time to turbo-charge your technology. Need to send 8 million messages per hour from a single server? High-speed, high-volume, we’ve mastered it. Consider your lofty goals reachable.

Routes Check

Boost delivery and performance by disable routes with low delivery rate

Proxy Support

Proxy can be specify for individual relay or for relay group, to increase performance and security

Tech Support Relief

It’s time for a team who can actually help you. We’re not just problem-solvers at RapidSend. We’re solution coordinators. We tackle the tough stuff, but we also hand you tools and knowledge so you get smarter about your software.

Fast Services

Rapidiously exploit robust solutions without alignments.

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Domain Reputation

Domain Reputation is one of the most important factors in email deliverability. A good Domain Reputation can mean the difference between your emails being delivered to the inbox or being blocked by spam filters...

Set and forget

interacting with real people on behalf of the user, and making sure they hit the inbox in every single email they send.

Progress monitoring

Clear and transparent process, so you can stay informed and in control.

We integrate with Top Email Service Providers

API , SMTP and WebHooks integration with top industry providers



  • Gmail


  • Office365


  • Mailgun


  • Alibaba


  • Sparkpost


  • Socketlab


  • Netcore



  • SendGrid


  • Mail Chimp

    Mail Chimp

  • Mailjet


  • Inboxroad


  • ZOHO Mail

    ZOHO Mail

  • GoDaddy Mail

    GoDaddy Mail

Our Customers Get Results


Our software makes it easy to connect to multiple ESP and manage your connections in real time. You can set domains, segment your contacts, and speed up or down your email delivery base on results.


Advance campaign delivery automation. Set up unlimited open or clicks triggers, dynamic speed per connection, inbound email processing, dynamic warmup schedule, email template randomization and more.


Email campaign reporting tools are essential for any business that wants to run email campaigns. You can track email delivery by campaign, relay, target domain, sending domain, campaign list and more

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